Dongle emulator, backup and recovery service.

Soft-Key Solutions

Providing solutions for all dongle problems and eliminating worries since 1998

Dongle emulator is a software product that allows working with the software just like physical key is connected to computer.

Dongle emulation technology isn't new, however there are couple of thing those make dongle emulator from SoftKey Solutions an ideal software product for dongle backup purposes:

  • 100% software copy of original key;
  • 100% safe and clean solution;
  • 100% confidentiality;
  • Multiple dongles emulation;
  • Free trial version;
  • Free support and updates for next versions of software;
  • Free lifetime updates for new operational systems;
  • Windows 8 signed driver;
  • Most advanced USB dongle emulation technology;
  • VMWare and Virtual BOX virtual machinles are fully supported;

Dongle emulator is based on your dump when key is available. Dongle backup is the most cost effective way to secure your business against dongle problems. When dongle is not available anymore, we offer dongle recovery service that makes your software operations with dongle emulator without reading your key.

When you decide to get dongle emulator to your dongle, we provide you with free trial version so you can be sure dongle emulations technology works for you. All you need is to identify your dongle, read it with dongle reading utility called dongle dumper and send us dongle dump. Then we make seven days trial version of dongle emulator. You can order full unlimited license for dongle emulator after trial period to keep your physical parallel or USB dongle in a safe place or order it in a case of emergency. Anyway you will avoid any loses connected with operational breakdown.

Please note, we deal with legitimate software owners only. You need to prove you are legitimate owner by sending us dump file when dongle is available or any other evidence of ownership if dongle is not available for you anymore.

Just purchased dongle emulators and I am extremely satisfied with the service and the results. The software I use daily requires dongle key and the company that produced the software went out of business 3 years ago. At one point the dongle broke when I took it out of computer. I tried getting a replacement key but to no avail. I now can sleep better at nights. Would highly recommend to anyone

John, USA