Dongle emulator, backup and recovery service.

Soft-Key Solutions

Providing solutions for all dongle problems and eliminating worries since 1998

Vendor Aladdin Knowledge Systems. Now acquired by Safe-Net Inc
Drivers HASP Device Driver Command Line Installation (Hinstall)
From-factor Parallel, USB
From-factor HASP is an abbreviation from Hardware Against Software Piracy. The Sentinel HASP family of software protection and licensing products deliver exactly what Software Publishers need in today's competitive marketplace, through award-winning solutions
Features Up to 496 bytes of memory, pseudo-random function, unique serial number for each device, real-time clock in some models

When a hardware dongle for a critical piece of legacy software failed we needed a solution to get back up and running. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary upgrades we used Softkey Solutions emulator. They responded promptly to requests for both the seven day free trial and then the full paid version after we were satisfied this was a good solution.

Aaron, USA