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Vendor Aladdin Knowledge Systems. Now acquired by Safe-Net Inc
Drivers Sentinel LDK/HASP/Hardlock/HASP4/HL Run-time Setup
From-factor USB dongle
Firmware HAS HL 2.16
Overview HASP HL Basic, offers strong software copy protection with an on-chip encryption engine, 128-bit AES Encryption Algorithm and the most advanced anti-hacking and encryption technology in the industry. It protects applications running on Linux, Mac and Windows environments providing single license capacity. It is the most cost-efficient solution available in the HASP HL line. The encryption mechanism implements data encryption and decryption for your software security, providing you with strong software copy protection. During runtime, HASP HL receives encrypted data from the application running and decrypts it in a unique way. The decrypted data returned from the HASP HL is applied to the protected application, affecting the mode in which the program executes: it may load and run, may execute only certain components, or not execute at all.
Features Up to 4096 bytes of memory, pseudo-random function, encode/decode function, unique serial number for each device, real-time clock in TimeHASP, network licensing support for NetHASP, licensing and license updates, automatic and API protection

Service highly recommended!!! thank you very much for everything. your software has saved us considerable time and probably a lot of money! thank you again