Dongle emulator, backup and recovery service.

Soft-Key Solutions

Providing solutions for all dongle problems and eliminating worries since 1998

Vendor Aladdin Knowledge Systems. Now acquired by Safe-Net Inc
Drivers Sentinel LDK/HASP/Hardlock/HASP4/HL Run-time Setup
From-factor USB dongle
Firmware HASP SRM 3.21, HASP SRM 3.25
Overview Aladdin HASP SRM enables software publishers to grow their business through software protection, IP protection and secure licensing. Through its role-based tools and by combining hardware- and software-based protection into one solution, HASP SRM empowers business decision-makers with the flexibility to choose the level of protection and licensing that best fits their budget and business needs. HASP SRM hardware-based protection employs the HASP SRM family of keys which offer the highest level of protection available. HASP SRM software-based protection employs HASP SLTM, a Product Activation-based solution.
Features Up to 4096 bytes of memory, Read-only memory, pseudo-random function, encode/decode function, unique serial number for each device, real-time clock in TimeHASP, network licensing support for NetHASP, licensing and license updates, automatic and API protection, secured remote update

EXCELLENT PRODUCT-SERVICE-COST. SoftKey made our first emulator about 4 years ago and it has always worked perfectly on any computer. He also made us a second about a year ago for our new design software.This also works great! Over the last 4 years we have had a couple of software updates to our programs and SoftKey has sent us upgrades for these with no charge.THIS IS 100% GENUINE. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

Tim, UK