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Vendor Rainbow Technologies. Now acquired by Safe-Net Inc
Drivers Sentinel Protection Installer for Sentinel SuperPro, UltraPro, SentinelPro & SHK
From-factor Parallel dongle, USB dongle
From-factor SafeNet is committed to providing you with quality and support throughout the lifetime of your products. ThatŐs why Sentinel SuperPro offers both software and hardware-based protection keys, depending on your organizationŐs needs. Take advantage of the various options that are available to you! We have increased the security of the classic SuperPro key, which has served as a legendary icon in the software security space for over 15 years. SafeNet development team has worked to evolve the SuperPro key with the most cutting-edge security and usability features available today. We are pleased to announce two exciting SuperPro product releases this year. These additional capabilities deliver a solution that is modern, legendary, and unmistakably Sentinel.
Features Up to 128 bytes of memory, pseudo-random function, unique serial number for each device, counters and remote algo activation

Service highly recommended!!! thank you very much for everything. your software has saved us considerable time and probably a lot of money! thank you again