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Vendor Rainbow Technologies. Now acquired by Safe-Net Inc
Drivers Sentinel Protection Installer for Sentinel SuperPro, UltraPro, SentinelPro & SHK
From-factor USB dongle
Overview Sentinel has been setting the standard for software protection since 1984 and secures more clients worldwide than any other key. SentinelĒ UltraPro keys protect against revenue leakage so vendors receive fair compensation for software development. Use of the AES public algorithm protects against hacking and further defense is provided against driver replacement and debugging tools. UltraPro also thwarts record and playback hacks through the auto-generation of large query tables. Licensing flexibility provided by UltraPro allows vendors to reach new markets, leading to increased revenue. Pre-built license models include feature-based, evaluation and pay-per-use. A range of features, such as Business Layer APIsĒ, speed development time, allowing developers to reduce costs and quickly respond to customer needs.
Features Up to 512 bytes of memory, pseudo-random function, unique serial number for each device, counters and remote algo activation

Great stuff. It allowed me to keep my hardware key safe so I don't forget it and much cheaper than replacing it if I lose it. Very fast service. I would recommend them to anyone

Brendan Delange, South Africa