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Vendor Safe-Net Inc
Drivers Sentinel LDK/HASP/Hardlock/HASP4/HL Run-time Setup
Form-factor USB Dongle
Firmware Safenet Sentinel HASP HL 3.25
Overview Sentinel HASP is the industry' s first and only rights management solution to enable the use of either software- or hardware-based protection keys (USB dongles) to enforce software protection and licensing. Sentinel HASP fully integrates with existing software product lifecycles to minimize disruptions to development and business processes. Sentinel HASP features role-based tools and processes that allow all staff to focus on their core competencies.
Features Up to 4096 bytes of memory, Read-only memory, pseudo-random function, encode/decode function, unique serial number for each device, real-time clock in TimeHASP, network licensing support for NetHASP, licensing and license updates, automatic and API protection, secured remote update

Just purchased dongle emulators and I am extremely satisfied with the service and the results. The software I use daily requires dongle key and the company that produced the software went out of business 3 years ago. At one point the dongle broke when I took it out of computer. I tried getting a replacement key but to no avail. I now can sleep better at nights. Would highly recommend to anyone

John, USA