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Question: Had two dongles for our system, lost one of the dongles (using our backup dongle) would like to replace it but not sure how to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Answer: This situation is the easiest one. You still can backup your dongle and work with your software on both computers. Please identify the key, read id it get trial version of dongle emulator

Question: I lost my dongle for RIP software for Epson Stylus Pro wide format printer in our move. I have the the original software (DVD), if need be that could be sent to you. I have no idea what type of dongle it was? I contact Epson and was told that I would need to purchase new license, at full price. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Answer: We believe it is not fair you need to pay again for the license since you already have purchased it. In this situation we can offer dongle recovery service that can help making software operating even without sending us dongle dump. Please note, this service is provided to legitimate license owners only.

Question: I use a cabinet vision program it uses a security key to allow you to use there software it is a very costly program. I would like to make a copy of the security key so which dongle and emulator do I use
Answer: This is good idea making backup of the Cabinet Vision dongle while it is still operational. In that case you should follow the procedure described at Sentinel SuperPRO dongle emulator page.

Question: I have an ALBAT+WIRSAM LPT1 key dongle that has been running on windows xp for years for a program called shapeing & nesting. We recently switched to Win7 64bit and the software will not run on 64bit. I believe it would run in XP Mode though, the only problem is that XP Mode dosent support LPT1 so my key is not found. What could be done with this?
Answer: Newest computers rarely have obsolete parallel ports but another problem is: usually old software does not use low lever drivers so dongle emulator can be useless. Most likely dongle recovery service is the only option for obsolete DOS packages that hardly work with modern computers running newest operational systems

Question: How do I know my dongle type or brand
Answer: Please check our dongle identification page

Question: Can you make a hardware copy of a dongle I own?
Answer: We are sorry, we do not deal with hardware clone of dongle, just software emulation for backup purposes.

Question: Is it possible to see a list of dongles being emulated with SENTINEL Emulator?
Answer: Dongle emulator works with old Sentinel PRO and Sentinel CPlus, supports Sentinel SuperPRO and Sentinel UltraPRO and work automatically with some models of Senitnel Hardware Key

Question: I have a protech marketing inc, dongle used for an old dos based program called ultrapath, made by microphar made in france, can i get an emulator or a usb key so i can use it in my laptop?
Answer: Old DOS software does not use low-level drivers. In that case dongle recovery service is the only option. We just cut off all dongle checks from the code.

Question: have a rainbow sentinel pro works year made 1993. your programs will not see it. what can we do.
Answer: We cannot emulate Sentinel PRO dongle automatically but it is supported by our emulator. We can offer dongle recovery service in that case.

Question: I would like to know if you support my dongle. It is identified as a Rainbow Technologies (Sentinel) 32-Bit Hardware Key. It is marked with GLOBEtrotter FLEXid and FLEXID=6-3F..... It is teal blue in color.
Answer: This key is Sentinel SuperPro dongle so it is easy to read and emulate it.

Question: I am using a USB dongle protected software. Both on my notebook and desktop PC, I am afraid to lost it when I am travel. Can I apply your emulators to be free of having the USB key whit me on the road ?
Answer: Dongle backup is an ideal solution for people, who are affraid of loosing the key in transit. Dongle backup is a good insurance against dongle loss or theft.

Question: I had to use Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider to put my Windows 7 x64 laptop in test mode to run your HASPHL2010 app (because of the unsigned drivers) so I could make a dump file to send to you. If you send me back a solution that works, will I still have to keep running Windows in test mode?
Answer: For dongle reading purposes you should turn computer to Test mode to read the key with HASPHL2010 but for emulation purposes we make DongleBackup2012 PRO that is digitally signed.

Question: If a dongle emulator is working fine, and then the computer hardware is changed, will the emulator still work or new emulator is required?
Answer: Yes sure! Anyway we provide all registered customers with free support and updates!

Question: I am getting error 1068 when I try start the service. Is there a way to fix this? I am running windows 7 64 bit edition.

Question: Hi, about two years ago I purchased hasp dongle emulator for MasterCam, today when I opened MasterCam I got a flyout that read (Authorization period on the sim ends in 5 days) what is happening , do I need to do anything?
Answer: If your original key was updated by vendor, please read it again and send us new dump file to get MasterCAM HASP dongle emulator updated free of charge. Dongle emulator is 100% copy of your original key

Question: Is it possible to emulate dongles on terminal server 2003 (rdp) or citrix
Answer: Usually it is possible but you need to install both dongle driver and dongle emulator from users environment. It is not enough to have it installed on host computer.

Question: My CAD package wont open with my HASP4 dongle,I dont have an LPT port on the computer but have purchased a USB to serial port adaptor, no joy, Why wont the package recognise the dongle?
Answer: Dongle drivers usually cannot find dongles connected through USB to parallel port adapters. We suggest reading the key on computer that still recognizes the key, and then running dongle emulator on the new computer.

Thanks for a perfect solution. This is great. Now i don't have to fear breaking the dongle. Who the hell invented them anyway? Thanks to Softkey-Solutions it's now obsolete - phew.

Ingo, Germany