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Question: I had to use Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider to put my Windows 7 x64 laptop in test mode to run your HASPHL2010 app (because of the unsigned drivers) so I could make a dump file to send to you. If you send me back a solution that works, will I still have to keep running Windows in test mode?
Answer: For dongle reading purposes you should turn computer to Test mode to read the key with HASPHL2010 but for emulation purposes we make DongleBackup2012 PRO that is digitally signed.

Question: Hi, about two years ago I purchased hasp dongle emulator for MasterCam, today when I opened MasterCam I got a flyout that read (Authorization period on the sim ends in 5 days) what is happening , do I need to do anything?
Answer: If your original key was updated by vendor, please read it again and send us new dump file to get MasterCAM HASP dongle emulator updated free of charge. Dongle emulator is 100% copy of your original key

Question: My CAD package wont open with my HASP4 dongle,I dont have an LPT port on the computer but have purchased a USB to serial port adaptor, no joy, Why wont the package recognise the dongle?
Answer: Dongle drivers usually cannot find dongles connected through USB to parallel port adapters. We suggest reading the key on computer that still recognizes the key, and then running dongle emulator on the new computer.

Excellent product good kindness and at a fair price.Congratulations to the developers.

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