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Question: I use a cabinet vision program it uses a security key to allow you to use there software it is a very costly program. I would like to make a copy of the security key so which dongle and emulator do I use
Answer: This is good idea making backup of the Cabinet Vision dongle while it is still operational. In that case you should follow the procedure described at Sentinel SuperPRO dongle emulator page.

Question: Is it possible to see a list of dongles being emulated with SENTINEL Emulator?
Answer: Dongle emulator works with old Sentinel PRO and Sentinel CPlus, supports Sentinel SuperPRO and Sentinel UltraPRO and work automatically with some models of Senitnel Hardware Key

Question: have a rainbow sentinel pro works year made 1993. your programs will not see it. what can we do.
Answer: We cannot emulate Sentinel PRO dongle automatically but it is supported by our emulator. We can offer dongle recovery service in that case.

Question: I would like to know if you support my dongle. It is identified as a Rainbow Technologies (Sentinel) 32-Bit Hardware Key. It is marked with GLOBEtrotter FLEXid and FLEXID=6-3F..... It is teal blue in color.
Answer: This key is Sentinel SuperPro dongle so it is easy to read and emulate it.

Now I can work with my software and keep my Dongle in a safe place. You have a very professional and fast service. You have done a great piece of software. Good job!