Dongle emulator, backup and recovery service.

Soft-Key Solutions

Providing solutions for all dongle problems and eliminating worries since 1998

ETech Software Limited is proud to announce finishing acquisition deal with SoftKey Solutions.

SoftKey Solutions remains leading dongle backup provider with most skillful team and most moderns technical solutions. Operating since 1998, SoftKey Solutions is most trustworthy company with many positive feedbacks from its clients.

ETech Software Limited intends to develop dongle backup business, improving current business model focused on legal aspects, affiliate relations , new marketing schemes and releasing new technical solutions.

We evaluate dongle backup market as very attractive since million dongles have been sold worldwide, many software vendors went out of business, and technical aspect of software licensing with hardware devices stays the most dangerous threat for legitimate customers.

We are looking forward at extension our common business and provide our clients with most advanced dongle backup software and qualified support.

ETech Software Limited is BVI registered company that specializes in virtualizing server environment.

SoftKey Soluiotns, registered on Mauritius is a leading dongle backup solutions provider.

When a hardware dongle for a critical piece of legacy software failed we needed a solution to get back up and running. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary upgrades we used Softkey Solutions emulator. They responded promptly to requests for both the seven day free trial and then the full paid version after we were satisfied this was a good solution.

Aaron, USA