Dongle emulator, backup and recovery service.

Soft-Key Solutions

Providing solutions for all dongle problems and eliminating worries since 1998

We work according to Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its exceptions, that allows obtaining dongle for:

  • copyright owners;
  • with permission of copyright owners;
  • classes of exceptions from DMCA prohibitions;

According to chapter 2 of DMCA there are exceptions permitting circumvention and development of dongle bypass solutions:

  • For non-profit libraries, archives and educations institutions;
  • For Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Other Government Activities;
  • For reverse engineering purposes for person who has lawfully obtained a right to use the software for sole purposes to achieve interoperability and compatibility with other programs;
  • Computer programs protected by dongles that prevent access due to malfunctioning or damage and which are no longer manufactured or reasonable available;

You can read more about DMCA exceptions at:

EXCELLENT PRODUCT-SERVICE-COST. SoftKey made our first emulator about 4 years ago and it has always worked perfectly on any computer. He also made us a second about a year ago for our new design software.This also works great! Over the last 4 years we have had a couple of software updates to our programs and SoftKey has sent us upgrades for these with no charge.THIS IS 100% GENUINE. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

Tim, UK