Dongle emulator, backup and recovery service.

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The dongle backup process makes a software copy of the original hardware key. Dongle backup can only be done when the software is fully operational. We offer backup tools for major dongles and provide our customers with a free trial version of the dongle emulator software. This will allow you to evaluate the dongle backup technology free of charge prior to making a purchase.

It is strongly recommended that you invest in backup copies of your original hardware keys while they are still functioning properly. The cost of a dongle backup is a fixed price, while dongle failure recovery efforts are charged on a per-hour basis and will be significantly more expensive than a simple backup.

There are several compelling reasons to obtain a dongle backup:

  • Software vendor is out-of-business and is no longer supported
  • You need to virtualize your environment
  • You want to secure the original dongle in safe place preventing theft, breakage and failure
  • You want to prevent downtime due to dongle problems
  • You prefer to avoid the cost of another license if the dongle gets lost

Usually when a dongle is lost or stolen, you are forced to purchase a new software seat license. Only a few software companies have implemented proper dongle security schemes that allow dongles to be updated remotely with a minimal fee for replacement. Most software companies are going to charge you for a new seat, possibly at a limited discount. We strongly recommend that you obtain information regarding dongle updates and replacement policies from your software vendor. We believe typical dongle replacement policies are completely unfair considering you have already paid thousands of dollars for intellectual rights to the software, but have no means of using it since a $20 piece of hardware gets broken or lost. Furthermore, the downtime associated with getting a dongle replaced or repaired can be crippling to your operations. Our dongle backup solution is reasonably priced for those who deal with dongle protected software and don't want to be exposed to these risks. Dongle backup is the best insurance plan against dongle problems!

We deal with legitimate owners of software only. As evidence of software ownership we require you to examine your dongle using software you download from our website and send us the dump file it generates in order to make a virtual copy of your original key. When your dongle is no longer available, we need confirmation that you own the software or your assurance that the software vendor is out-of-business or doesn't support your version of the software product.

When a hardware dongle for a critical piece of legacy software failed we needed a solution to get back up and running. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary upgrades we used Softkey Solutions emulator. They responded promptly to requests for both the seven day free trial and then the full paid version after we were satisfied this was a good solution.

Aaron, USA