Dongle emulator, backup and recovery service.

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We offer dongle recovery service when your dongle is no longer available and you cannot read it with our dongle utility.

You should understand when making an investment in expensive software that loosing the dongle means loosing the software license. We do not believe this is a fair business practice. If we make a parallel with the real world, does losing the key to your car or the spare tire mean you need to buy a new car? Why do software vendors treat their customers this way? Shouldn't they take responsibility for this issue upon themselves? Some vendors do, however 99% don't.

Another issue is software version renewal. As soon as a new paid software update is released, you will typically not be able to get a replacement dongle for the older software version and will be forced to order the new update even if you don't need it and even if your current data cannot be transferred to the new version. In some cases, all the software customization you have implemented will not work in the new version, requiring you to expend significant resources to recreate it in the new version. Not all software companiesŐ policies are the same, but in our experience this is typically the rule and not the exception.

Dongle recovery costs are directly related to the time required to complete a dongle bypass procedure and can be expensive. However, when there is no other way, your expenses can be justified. It is best if you backup a working dongle before it fails or is lost. This is especially true if you are aware that a replacement is unavailable. This is a much more economical and faster solution than recovery. Furthermore, dongle recovery in some cases might not be possible. The best approach is always to backup before a recovery is needed!

Usually a recovery takes no longer than couple of days.

Dongle recovery service requires that you send us the software.

Dongle recovery can help you if:

  • dongle is lost
  • dongle is stolen
  • dongle is physically broken
  • dongle stopped operating
  • you don't have access to another dongle
  • you cannot get a dongle replacement from the vendor

If you feel dongle recovery is an option for you, please contact us to get further instructions and an approximate quotation.

Service highly recommended!!! thank you very much for everything. your software has saved us considerable time and probably a lot of money! thank you again